Oh Christmas Tree


My husband is definitely a “why put off until tomorrow what can be done today” type of person.  So the other day when he got the idea that we should go get our Christmas tree, that is exactly what we did.  It is our first year getting a real tree as a married couple, and luckily for us, we stumbled upon the cutest little tree farm!  If you have little ones, you need to take them to Mr. Tree Farm on Reynoldsburg-New Albany Road.  Not only do they have a wide selection of trees, but they also have a petting zoo with the sweetest farm animals.  Because we were pretty much the only ones there, they even let my son feed the animals.  He was in heaven!

There were so many different types of trees, we didn’t really know where to start.  But the staff was incredibly helpful and walked us through the different varieties.  If you are a novice at choosing a real Christmas tree (like I am), here is a helpful guide to the different varieties as explained to us by the staff at Mr. Tree:

  • Pine Trees: These are the standard “Charlie Brown” type of Christmas tree.  The needles are long, soft, and flexible.
  • Spruce Trees: These trees have the strongest scent, but the needles are quite sharp.
  • Fir Trees: These trees have short, soft needles and a mild scent.  We ultimately chose a fir tree, and so far we are very happy with our choice!

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